Dear friends,

As all of you know, I like to share my thoughts and experiences, especially when it comes to our future goalkeepers. But this time it’s much more than that.

Bobby is a star.

For years, he has thrilled millions on his YouTube channel with countless parades and emotions, the real life as a keeper: God-given talent, hard diligence, sweet wins, bitter defeats & a family full of love that supports him on his long journey to the top.

It is impossible to tell how many training sessions I have been already able to experience, but the fact that both coach and player feel no pressure at all and can evolve so much together in such a short time, has never happened to me like this before!

Bobby feels a healthy, growing pressure to succeed which motivates and focuses him, carefully secured by his loving environment. Something that so many others unfortunately lack, which is why many are consumed in a short time, never reach the desired, achievable goal and even often give up earlier out of frustration. This shouldn’t happen, because as a caregiver we can take their fear and this unnecessary pressure, and only allow the pressure needed.

Already when Bobby was 7, we decided that we would train and have fun together. Well, 3 years later, it was about to happen: Bobby, now in the youth team of 1860 Munich under the direction of Marc Lamberger and Patrick Nothaft, came to the flying lesson where I presented him in full anticipation as a gift a goalkeeper jersey and gloves with his initials on it.

Before we began, it was clear to us during the brief conversation about the training session, that the common goal could only be fun and learning for what he will need as a goalkeeper in the future.

After a few shoots, I was allowed to experience what I already knew, even if not so clearly beforehand: for a diamond that only needs to be finely shaped, Bobby is already more than far! His faith and will only bring out the talent, and his security thanks to a loving environment makes him grow so fast and healthy.

So how many other talents on the other hand are out there, with a tremendous potential worth digging for, needed to be trained with love and patience instead of disinterest or over-ambition?

The handling of mistakes and defeats is so important, the children being willing to learn and staying patient, if you improve their development with healthy self-confidence and security: you can and should congratulate them also as a coach for their mistakes!

Thanks to you, dear Bobby, this training has made me so aware again that the benefit can be on both sides. That it is possible to start a spiral of development together, to carry others along, gaining more momentum, so that everyone can optimally achieve their individual goal!

It is this dynamic that motivates me to work as a Head of Goalkeeping in professional and junior teams, to learn and to draw strength.

Dear Bobby, thank you for the inspiration and be sure that I will continue to keep an eye on you. For in the future, too, we want to learn together during training!